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    Hats off to Sprint I really think they are trying harder on their customer service. I just got off the phone with a very nice rep who applied a credit to my account for an offer Sprint had made back in January wanting me to sign on for another 2 years. I didn't want to sign up back when I got the offer because I knew I wanted the Pro. I figured I may be in a better position when it came time for a new phone if I wasn't under contract. Well with all the delays with the STP the offer expired. I called and asked if they would still give me the credit. She put me on hold for a brief time to ask whatever department handles the promo credits, came back and told me it would be applied within the hour. I also had her change the discount on my plan to a better one that I qualify for and she handled that very quickly and painlessly as well. The Sprint store I picked my Pro up at was also great to deal with I got my mom hooked up with a wireless card at the same time I got the pro. Kudos to Sprint.

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    Sprint does go out their way to help...

    I enjoy my time with sprint as well... 2 years and no major issues so far...
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    Hey 1kwik72, my name is BJ DeHut and I am a representative for Sprint. I am happy to hear that one of our representatives was able to provide you with such a positive experience. We really appreciate you commending the representative. Thanks!
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    Yes, I have to admit that my experiences with Sprint customer service have improved over the past couple of years.

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