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    i have been looking for a reg edit or cab for disabling the phone start up shut down alert in the treo pro...does it exist? Many thanks for all your efforts!
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    Any cab or reg edits for the following?:

    I use SPB shell, and when I press on my missed SMS link, it opens my account manager where i see all my email accounts and SMS account. (i have unchecked the show list of accounts option, so it will open the last used account.

    What i dont want is to be able to cycle through all my accounts .

    I dont want to open SMS and accidentally press the navigation button to either left or right, and have my account change...

    ideally, i would have my hard button open my work email and not be able to accidentally scroll over to any other account.

    So what im looking for is the ability to DISABLE the navigation button when im in either an email or SMS account

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