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    I did a search and came up with this thread but thought it might be more appropriate to start one more relevant to my questions.

    I've got a Pro on the way and I've spent a lot of time online trying to find a case. I'm looking for one that is thin and fits in my pocket. I would like a slot or two for ID and credit card. Then I wouldn't have to carry a wallet too. I'm not interested in one that clips on to my belt or anything. Do any of you know if one like this exists?

    Also, why do you think several cases made for the Treo Pro have slots for SD cards that won't even fit in the Pro? Here is an example of what I"m talking about.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Just my best guess... but the extra pockets might be for cards to be used in other devices, e.g. a camera or a micro-to-normal SD adapter...

    I kinda like the krussel case... may get it once I actually purchase my STP.

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