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    I'm curious if this will work. Has anyone already tried this? This would enable the phone to be plugged into a computer and show up as a flash drive for the memory card.
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    I was having the same thought. Doesnt work. Bummer.
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    That stinks. I had a program for my Touch that allowed this functionality... I should have it somewhere.
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    Best you'll get from any program that does it is to make the Treo Pro's MicroSD look like a mapped drive, but nothing helps the data transfer rate.

    And given the Treo Pro has HTC as the ODM it's oddly sad nothing seems to help. Since HTC branded devices do it so well.

    But here's a thread over on XDA where they tried and tried various things to no avail.
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    Another example of something I'm going to miss from my Centro. First thing I heard about was that there was no programs like Callrec that work with the Treo Pro and now this.

    What else?

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