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    A VERY annoying problem with the Treo Pro (versus my Treo 680) is its inability to queue outgoing SMS messages when you have no signal. It is as if the SMS app has no facility to check for a signal before attempting to send a message, and gives little indication when an SMS fails to send, with no automatic retries.

    Is there an alternative app? Shareware is fine.
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    That is one of the downsides of the Treo Pro were it was designed by archsoft or a software by that name and I still dont understand why Palm did not included it's own messaging program which includes threaded messaging just like on the Treo 750 & 800w.

    Why I ask my self always? To choose a messaging program from a 3rd party vendor and not include their own that by my count its 120% better.
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    is their anyway to ad the sms app from the 800w without cooking it into a rom?
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    Yes there is a way to do it. I have the .exe file myself, but it creates a lot of bugs and eventually I had to do a hard-reset. You can search on the xda developers website for all the instructions. I'll post again with the direct link to the Palm sms application.
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    So if it doesnt sent, it sit in the Out box?

    Why is that Palm is not coming out with a patch for this?
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