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    I used the Internet Sharing feature (with the registry hack) a few weeks ago, and it worked fine.
    I needed it again tonight, and it connected fine.
    However, when I was finished, and hit the "Disconnect" button (left softkey), it wouldn't disconnect.
    I opened the task manager, and tried to end it, and it still didn't work.
    I ended up having to do a soft reset...
    Any ideas/solutions?
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    it messed up my phone ,
    I have to hard reset everything.
    but started using it back after that .
    And its almost three weeks after the hard reset, no issues at all
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    That does seem odd. I use Internet Sharing exclusively just about everyday and have not had any issues. Maybe it was just a one time glitch. It is a Microsoft product after all...
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    I'm a big fan of WMWifiRouter if you want to try a 3rd party solution. Both the Wifi and USB options work very well on the 800w.

    Only con is it's a pay-app :-/

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