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    Is there any way to send a picture in a text message on my treo 700wx?

    thanks dominiquetx
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    You can use the MMS messaging option.

    1 Today screen.
    2 Press Messaging (left action key).
    3 Press Left until you see MMS in the title bar.
    4 Press New (left action key).

    You can attached any of the following items:
    Ringtones: MIDI
    Sound clips: WAV, QCELP
    Pictures: JPEG, GIF
    Videos: 3G2
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    Today - left action key I got

    Press left? I think that means press the 5-way navigatior key until I see MMS at the top where I see text, outlook, etc. It just goes through four choices I have for email and text.

    Can you clarify?

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    Yes, the press left is the 5-way navigator. What are the four choices you have?
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    my 700wx did not have MMS, is this a new thing?
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    if you have sprint yes its a new thing if you had verzion no it been out..... if you have sprint go to sprints software app , click applications, free/demo apps picturemail cab install and there u go

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