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    My Sprint Treo 700wx has a 160 character limit . Is there a way to keep typing and have my TREO send split messages on its own?

    thanks dominique
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    Yes, there is a way of changing the 160-character limit size, however in order to do so this would require you to upgrade your current Windows OS to the most recent version of Windows OS (6.0 or 6.1). WM6.0 and WM6.1 both allow you to keep typing and it will be broken into two messages when you hit Send. Also, there are third-party companies that may be able to assist you with upgrading the Windows OS for your device, but there may be a fee included with doing the upgrade. One last thing, keep in mind you may void your warranty in doing so as well as possible corruption errors to your devices internal hardware.
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    Some more added information. If you do the upgrade and you go over the 160 character limit, it will send seperate text messages or count as more than 1 text message. Not that this applies to everyone because of unlimited text message plans. But if you have a limit, I thought I'd just make you aware.

    Example: 186 character text message = 2 text messages

    Example: 325 character text message = 3 text messages

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    Where do I upgrade Windows for my phone? Happy to hear it is not just a sprint thing - that is what I am reading just about everywhere.

    Thanks for the help
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    You will most likely have to pay to upgrade your Windows Mobile though

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