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    Hello and thank you in advance for your help.

    I have an issue with my new Treo Pro, when an email comes in while the phone is in asleep it canít play the alert. If you have a standard beep type alert you get nothing, if you have a longer musical type alert it tries to play then cuts out.

    If I have the phone set to vibrate then the vibrate works ok.

    I have done extensive testing with both screen saver enabled and not and the results are the same, I have found posts regarding third party email clients having issues but I am using outlook push email.

    I have come to the conclusion that the issue is simply caused by the fact that when an email arrives the notification system does not wake the phone if it is asleep.

    I have downloaded the demo of phone alarm and this solves the issue, but it is way over kill for what I want but will purchase if needed.

    Any ideas?
    Cheers Tony
    Welcome to Palmone, tomorrows bugs today!!!
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    Well first of all that is very strange. On my GSM TP I never had an issue getting an email tone while the phone was asleep.

    Now an issue could be with MS exchange direct push, the 'peak' hrs, what are your offpeak hrs? My peak hours are from 5am to 6pm and there after the direct push only stays idle but may not retrieve the emails until it checks off-peak mode, when it hits 5am, I get the loud beep and get all emails that had arrive during off-peak hrs, leaving my Treo Pro w/o making any sounds during off-peak hrs, although I could have gotten emails, you see.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks chestvrg,

    All tests were done with direct push set to on for both peak and off peak.

    I have the software development kit for wm6, I have figured out how to detect when the number of unread active sync emails change. All I need to do if figure out how to detect if the phone is asleep and how to wake it up if so.
    Welcome to Palmone, tomorrows bugs today!!!
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    I do not have this problem. When I get corporate email pushed from exchange I get an audible notification.

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