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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    Has the OP's question been answered?
    Considering this,

    Quote Originally Posted by joe1981al View Post
    Might just have to get our assets manager to put a Treo Pro on the list for the next time he orders phones and pass mine along to someone who doesn't care about GPS. I have my personal ATT-Tilt, and it will work for GPS, I just have to find my card with iGuidance again.
    So I got the Treo 800w and it is a good phone, good for data usage, but GPS is not so great. I prefer to not have a $200 AIO GPS in my work truck that I would have to pay for, when I could get it on my PDA if Palm would fix their problems.
    I think the OP would rather not have to deal with the issues that come with the 800w GPS and is considering options that involve devices that have stand alone GPS capability.

    So given their last statement, I think the question was answered and the OP has found their own resolution. Given their consideration of the Treo Pro for stand alone GPS, I've informed them it passes the test.

    A device with stand alone GPS + Garmin XT = Navigation anywhere in America, no cell signal required.
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    I don't know about the no data roaming bit... I have roamed on Alltel (EVDO even) and used data plenty of times.
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    But have you been able to ever start Sprint Navigation with any data connection other than a Sprint data connection?
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    Plenty of times. In fact, in the area I live in, the PRL is configured so that if Sprint is 1xRTT only, it'll use Alltel EVDO, but with Sprint for the voice/SMS channel.
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    Good it's working out for you in your area. But not everyone even after trying all of whatever suggested work arounds is having the same results. Some even encountered more problems than they had before, depending on what they tired. So your viewpoint is true for you in your area, while what others have found is true for theirs.
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