I never know what to expect my settings to be without me changing them, they just change.

I typically check

play sound
(repeat seems to alway be greyed out and I am not comfortable with the reg hack for it.)
Display message on screen
Vibrate when ringer switch is off
Vibrate when ringer switch is on

I have made the changes did soft reset and verified them. I uninstalled treo alerts before doing so.

I have noticed that from time to time play sound and display message on screen are unchecked from missed call, voice messages, and reminders.

I know because I just get a vibrate and think what the heck, why is it changing? This morning it may have been because I flipped my ringer switch to vibrate which I typically avoid at all costs due to the upredictibility of perhaps this underlying problem.

Any advice would be appreciated. My phone is at least stable since I replace storage card with Kingston.