I have 2 seperate email accounts setup on my Treo 750. One is a push email using Exchange Activesync which works fine. The other is email from a POP3 account, embarqmail.com, if that makes a difference.

Problem is this, all emails that are RECEIVED from the POP3 account have an incorrect received time. For example, one the phone it shows the email came in a 9:41AM, but it actually came it a 1:41PM EST. I've double check that the correct time zone is selected on the phone, and it is Eastern US. The time on the phone is correct. Outgoing emails have the correct time. When the email is received using Outlook on the computer it has the correct time.

Like I mentioned before, emails that come through using the Exchange Synced account have the correct time stamp.

I've had a Treo 750 since they were first release, and this has never happened before.

Any help would be appreciated.