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    I can't believe this happend to me! My Pro fell case and all off my belt into the toilet. At least I hadn't gone yet. I pulled out the battery and now hve it sitting. It ws already acting strange, volume button was stuck on and it was acting all kind of wierd.

    I have heard of wet phones sitting for 3 days or so and then working. I guess it's back to the 750 for a few days.

    Anyone revive a wet Pro? I really love this phone and enjoy being contract free with ATT.

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    Dang man, I wish you luck!
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    It might be too late, but put the Pro in a bag of dry rice for a few days. That should suck residual moisture out of the phone. Never tried it but I've read it works. Good luck.
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    I've also heard silica gel packets could be used instead of dry rice.
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    i feel your pain.... I believe i was the frist in the 800w forums to suffer from the same predicament when my 800w went porcelain diving. Unfortunately, my phone didn't make it - but i made the mistake of not letting it dry completely before turning back on. Let hope the pro was built better in this regards than its predecessor.
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    Not looking good. It barely got wet as it ws in the case.I couldn't detect any moisture so I popped in the battery. Phone powers up but the most of the buttons don't work. Popped it back out quick but may be too late. I think I'm SOL. I hated my 750 and not having a contract screwed me out of the insurance. I may be getting an iphone....
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    (edit, disregard what is in this comment and refer to comment #9 below instead.)

    For anyone that drops a device in water in the future:
    1. Immediately remove the battery, don't even try looking at how things are on the screen, take the battery out the moment you get the device out of the water.
    2. Just after getting the battery out, towel dry the device as best you can.
    3. Keep the device off for at least 3 days, but waiting a week is even better. Nevermind that you may not notice any water in the device, it's the water you can't detect that causes shorts in internal parts the moment you turn the device on too soon. A short could cause permanent damage.
    4. While waiting, try storing the device in some silica gel packets or at least somewhere that it can dry out that has low humidity. Not cold, but low humidity.

    (If anyone cares to correct anything I've mentioned above, please feel free. I'm just speaking from watching years of threads like this and seeing what people said might have helped them and the associated warnings.)
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    What is it about dry rice that absorb moisture?

    I have read somewhere before.

    I was not happy with my swap phone that smells like a motel. I dont know about phone drop in toilet water. It just eels me.
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    I've had several phone take a dip in the pool, so to speak. I've been lucky - none have died. But I did the follow:

    - Remove from water asap - do not hesitate
    - Immediately remove battery, leave out.
    - Towel off
    - If you have a hair dryer handy, use warm setting to circulate air around phone to dry out. Do this for a good 30 min.
    - If no hair dryer available, place it in the sunny, warm spot (dashboard of cars works great, esp on hot days).

    The rice and silica gel will not work well (mainly because it takes a long time and is not effective for large amounts of moisture.

    I have found the longer you take to dry out the phone, the more likely it will not recover.

    Every wet phone I treated was working again same day (once completely dry).

    Another trick is to put in in the clothes dryer on cool or low, but you have to be able to buffer it so it does not get banged up; something that softens the blows, but allows air through. (put it inside a white cotton sock, and then put that sock inside another sock, etc.) Make sure there are other towels and such in the dryer to buffer as well. This works as well when you can't sit there with the hair dryer.
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    Good luck really, I know how it feels to get a $500 device like the Treo Pro wet.
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    buy a 10 lb bag of rice at the supermarket and leave the phone in there for a week. It'll soak up all the moisture.
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    Quote Originally Posted by entropism View Post
    buy a 10 lb bag of rice at the supermarket and leave the phone in there for a week. It'll soak up all the moisture.
    Are you saying that from experience?
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    I was on vacation about a year ago. I wanted to keep some drinks cold in the hotel so I filled up a trashcan with ice and put drinks in it. Next morning the alarm on my phone (Treo 700) went off and I groggily hit the snooze and went backto sleep. The alarm never went off again. When I finally woke up it was at the bottom of the ice water. I missed the table when I put the phone back. After 2 hours of soaking it was toast. But fortunately the gal at Alltel had mercy and upgraded me to a 755 for free.
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    Just checking back in. I was convinced the phone was toast so I bit the bullet and signed a contract with ATT and picked up an iphone. Overall having fun wih it.

    On a lark I powered up my pro and it worked! It sat in the closet for about 10 days. I never put the sim card in but I synced with Exchange via Wi-Fi and the GPS worked.

    So now I have an awsome spare or if I get sick of the iphone or need a more rugged phone I'll swap to the pro.

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