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    Hi All,

    We have just pushed out a new version of GetSportz. If you are already a user you will get the updates automatically. This version fixes a large number of bugs and content issues.

    With the baseball season soon to start, we have also improved the live baseball experience. Please email or post any comments here.

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    any idea when baseball scores will start or just regular season? also what updates to baseball did u make for win mobile ( will it be just like the palm version with the ball field which is the best imop )

    also any way increase font size on win mobile the treo 320x320 screen seems to make all get sportz scores/text etc very small
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    downloaded the software and it seems to work pretty well. Had some issues with adjusting the auto-update, it wouldn't register a click on the OK button, but other than that, everything is working well.

    Have a touch pro (sprint). Was using a different software to get the scores, but it's currently having viewing issues so this is will be what I'll use to check MLB scores.

    Thanks again for the software/time you guys put into it.
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    yeah, I need to fix that, just haven't had time but hopefully next week...
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    for this getsportz software, the box score link doesn't work. When I click on the link it says


    Please wait
    Try again

    Then I get a pop-up that says the requested file is not currently available.

    scottymomo---good to hear, I'll be waiting patiently.


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