Hello Treo community,

I've got a Treo 700wx (Sprint/WM5/Version 1.15) that is running an application I've written which relies on two pieces of Bluetooth hardware: a thermal printer and a barcode scanner. Both pieces of hardware work more or less fine when used independently, but when used together I run into a highly annoying issue. After the scanner has been paired to the phone, if the scanner turns off then the phone is unable to target the printer (or any other piece of Bluetooth hardware such as a headset). Once the scanner is turned back on, it's business as usual, but somehow when it goes off the stack routing gets all confused or something. I think it has to do with it being an input device, as I've tried this with two very different models of scanners with the same problem.

From my research, I think it's safe to say that this is not the only instance under which the 700wx's built-in MS Bluetooth stack fails miserably. I am hoping to fix the stack or replace it, perhaps with a completely different ROM. I am looking for suggestions on a ROM (custom or WM6 perhaps?) that might include a stack that would fix this problem, or other thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks much!