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    I've look at some of the threads. Played with WeatherPanel and looked at screen shots of other weather apps. I couldn't find anything that really had the detailed info that I am looking for.

    Does anyone know if there is a Windows Mobile weather app that has text for the daily forecast rather that icons. 4Cast for the palm had icons, but then you could scroll down and get detailed text forecast for each day. It had Wind speed, and a little more detail then the icons. Expected snowfall (3-5 inches) etc.

    Do any of the windows mobile weather apps have this type of info? I know I can find it on the web with Yahoo weather or Accuweather, but I was hoping there was an app that had more than just pretty icons.
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    While I'm a huge fan of Weatherpanel, sometimes I alternate and right now I'm using my next favorite (and free): WeatherBug Direct

    I did a review awhile back on it. Really nice app imo.

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    Just use PIE to get to

    Nothing to install.
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    Ya m8 WeatherBug is the best out there. It's a Today screen pluggin. Wakeup your device and bang. Plus it has an option to have the current temp on the top bar. It was one of the first apps installed on my 800. I've tried a few other not one compared to WeatherBug.
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    One of my views is George Steinbrenner Legend Field.
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    Here's another good freeware: Singer's Creations Weather Watcher Mobile

    Weather Watcher Mobile. No today plugin, but a good standalone app with text weather as well as lots of data.
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    Tried that but I like weather bug better. To me it has a nicer display . Nice Golden, I have a Rottweiler she'll be 12 -April 15th.( never had an animal this long ).
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    It calls for @ use that's @ TC under 800's.
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    I stayed with Weather Watcher Mobile 'cause the today screen had too much today on it.
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    I understand but what I do is, I went (not sure I can say the sites name) & I get the free images & It's a white skull & crossbones image, I also use uiTweaker & make the background Black With black letters which I adjust(w/different color) that when whatever I highlight it can be seen. It's always on the Today screen but you can't see it, except fot the few you want to be seen ( Wb search, inbox, mess, Task)( which are adjusted w/ white color or whatever color you want-/uiTweaker, free app/). W/weatherbug it's there but you can't see it until you highlight it or just look @ the topbar & you always see the temp all the time(which adjusts auto as the temp changes).
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    Now w/the menu side I keep important items in there PHM registry, soft reset,file exploer, IE, Progs, Settings. You only get 7 to use so the imprtant ones go there. Tried second today but that's a mess so I made a more intelligent decision as to what way & what should go there. I'm always re-adjusting & looking for an even better way but there are some that normally always go there. If you don't understand me ,ask & I'll try to give you a better answer.
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    Now I use orher sites so I can see & learn but I normally I always come back to TreoCentral. I really think that TreoCentral is my favorite site. I mean that. Others have helped me (Thank you) & I want to return that to others if I can, I'm still learning how.
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    Re: another who's a bike bandit (LOL) helps & teaches & conversates w/me made my avatar (Thanks Philly), so it's good to pay attention, there are many of us out here. I love my 800's the best of ALL that I have had. Have some for sale that I don't like & are new & BN.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xdalaw View Post
    Here's another good freeware: Singer's Creations Weather Watcher Mobile

    Weather Watcher Mobile. No today plugin, but a good standalone app with text weather as well as lots of data.
    Weather watcher is perfect. Thanks.
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    I've seen that & I think I tried that but w/my screen coloring the bug is hidden & right there if I want it & I like the temp up on the top bar all the time. But if you think it's perfect maybe I'll check it out again.
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    I installed Weather BUG direct on my 800W. Is there any way to adjust the today plugin so it only takes up one line and I can have SMALLER icons? it also looks cut off on the right hand side of my screen. I think maybe I need SMALL VGA icons or something.. anyone??

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