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    Ok... I'm sure this has to be something stupid. It is probably a standard Windows Mobile thing. I tried to search but couldn't find an answer.

    I had Live Search and Web Search on my Today Screen. If I search for something nearby.. IE.. restaurant. It shows up in IE. I can click on the phone number to try and call.

    Then the fun begins..

    I get a security warning that this could be unsafe and I can answer yes or no. I answer "yes".

    Then a box comes up that says "Would you like to make a call to xxxxx"
    There are two options... Yes and No. I can move a bullet between Yes and No, but nothing seems to happen. Is there some button that actually initiates the phone call?

    This is really bugging me.. OK doesn't do anything, center button on the 5 way doesn't either. Green button also doesn't do anything.
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    I don't have an answer to your question. You probably already know this, but an alternative for business numbers is to call Google information (Goog 411) at 1-800-466-4411. The Goog man will find the business listing and call the number for you. It's great when you can't use your hands to go online like when you're driving. And I understand use of it helps improve Google's voice recognition capabilities.
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    So there is no way to make a phone call from a web page on PIE on the Treo 800w. That is lame. Even my old non-smart LG phone could do this.
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    The way I do it is-
    Highlight the phone number
    Then hold the stylus on the screen. Select copy.

    Go to the dialpad screen. Hold the stylus down again and select Paste.
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    Anyone know if this is a WM6.1 limitation or something in the Treo 800w?
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    Call from Live Search and the web both work fine for me. The "system command" warning sometimes pops up, but no issues making a call.

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    So how did you do it? do you get the Yes/No thing that pops up? What are you supposed to do at that point?
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    I click "yes" and it goes from there. I'll see if I can get some screen shots.

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    I wonder if there is some registry setting that somehow got corrupted on mine or some setting that prevents a phone call from happening. strange..

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