Hello. New 800w user here. Two new 800w's purchased at work. Alongside browsing only two websites (see the post I just made seconds ago), we receive text messages from our dispatch from an email address (as opposed to a cell phone).

They email from Outlook Express from a neo.rr.com account to 330-xxx-xxxx@messaging.sprintpcs.com

We then confirm these email/txts by replying in the SMS program back to workdxxxxx@neo.rr.com.

The problem is, this works only half the time. The other half we receive errors from mailer-daemon saying it didn't work.

I think it's because occassionally and inexplicibly it only emails back to workdxxxx (and not the full workdxxxx@neo.rr.com)

Is this a common bug? Is there a workaround?