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    Just picked up my second 800w on an insurance swap out. If I turn the screen off with the power plugged in, the screen saver is a bright white screen with a black time/date. Basically a reverse of what it normally is. My last 800w did not do this, so I'm wondering if anyone else as seen this or is this possibly an updated revision?
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    Go to Settings>Power>Screen Saver

    Neat screen saver, love the concept, but I'd think it drained my battery a little much.
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    You Know one of my 800's 'turn's into a flashlight' too. I went to screensaver but that's for the time. Try doing a ##786# & see if your 800 is refurbished. Kinda busy w/the VGA @ the moment.
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    Mine just started doing the same thing... It never had done it before and now, from to time, the screen saver is inverted. I have no suggestions on solutions (though I have tried numerous soft resets). I haven't seen it do it today, however.

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