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    Hi. I've been having issues with my screen randomly lighting up and sometimes when I hit the end button to dim, it will flash with a bunch of vertical lines before it dims. It's weird and has been doing it all day. I have not installed any new programs. I had this same problem a few weeks ago and it went away after a soft reset. It resurfaced again 2day and I was wondering if any1 else has experienced similar issues. I had intentions on installing real vga this evening which will require a hard reset but wasn't sure if it would fix the problem.

    thx in advance
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    Update: I have noticed that this issue is draining my battery. I've barely used it today and its around 20% full. Phone keeps flashing no matter how much I hit the end/power key. Those vertical lines have started popping up more frequently followed by the keys lighting up and the screen going black and eventually going back into sleep mode. Sigh
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    Do a hardreset and leave it clean for a few days? See if it still does it. Had some what the same problem awhile back, it turned out to be an app I had installed. Can't remember what it was, but it was an app.
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    Thanks for your response. The latest app I installed was mymobiler.
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    I'd still try hardresting and run it clean for a day. Your gonna have to do one anyway for RealVGA right. I remember having to reinstall each app one at a time and let it run for a day just find out which one it was. If I remember right it was an app written for an older version of WM. I also remember reading a post somewhere, just can't remember what site, sorry.

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