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    So much bought a backup! lol.... this is the most trust worthy PDA i own....
    Treo 700wx,755p,Htc Diamond...
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    Right there with ya. Althought the 800W looks pretty nice. With the WM6.1 upgrade for 700wx now it seems to be pretty much like the 800w though minus the WiFi and GPS. I had a Treo, then switched to mogul and went back to Treo cause I missed it so much.
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    I have a Touch Pro and am actually thinking of going back to the 700wx. The Touch Pro has so many more features, but the battery life is pathetic, the roll-out KB is still awkward, and it is not nearly as stable. I remember using my 700wx to do so much more because its battery lasted so much longer.
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    I love mine too! Im having fun trying to download stuff and see how it works! I want music!!

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