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    Well, I just switched from an HTC Kaiser Tilt (or whatever you call it).

    If the Treo Pro is 320x320 resolution, then why is there much less room vertically than on my HTC kaiser which also had 320 vertical? It seems more like 240. What am I missing? For example, when I click the start button, the list is much longer with my HTC than on the Pro. If they are both 320 pixels, then they should have the same length.
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    You will need to install Ebag's version of RealVga which is on the Treo 800w board. Once you do this, you will have the ability to change your resolution to 96 dpi and get a true 320x320 experience.
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    I am running my TreoPro at true 320x320 for some time now. I posted how to do this on my blog:

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