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    I've got only a few plugins running so I know what's what on my today screen.

    If I go to my Today plugin checklist via WM6, it does not show "oobe" as a plugin.

    If I go to Pocket Breeze, custom tab, it shows that I can use "oobe" but if I select it, it says it's already running.

    Just opened up memmaid and found a plugin list, and "oobe" is shown as running (green radio button), but I have not a clue what is is, or where i'd find it.

    Searched the board and only found one post with "oobe" and it didnt' help.

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    Sounds like it's the SIP popup menu you get when you click the green phone hard button. The one where your dialpad, call log and your most resent calls list is. At least that's what it sounds like.

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