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    Has anyone gotten the Skyfire browser to work on the Palm Treo 750?

    I cannot seem to get it to work on the 750.

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    I have, what seems to be your problem? I've been using Skyfire on and off for the past year or so before the public beta even opened. The early versions were a bit finicky, but now with version .9xxx its pretty stable on my Treo 750 running under WM6. Just dont install it to your storage card, because I noticed a decrease in performance when I did that.
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    OK, well I uninstalled it thinking that it would not work on the 750.

    Given your comments, I will try to reinstall it and pay more attention to the details of what is going wrong.
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    I've used Skyfire for quite a while now and it works fine. I've blogged about the older 0.8 here. Currently using the latest 0.9 version and it works very well. Even better and supports Facebook and Twitter. Since I use Wi-Fi, I have it installed in RAM. Perhaps you didn't get it to register correctly? I think you have to go through a quick registration or activation process when you originally launch it.
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