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    Is there a good app for reading RSS feeds? I use to have a nice one on my HTC Tilt that was right on the today page.
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    I was using SPB's rss reader, worked well for me.
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    I use Iliums Newsbreak. Excellent.
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    I used PRSS reader on my 750 but it won't work on my Pro. I liked it because it was free, but more importantly because it had a today screen plug in that scrolled all the headlines across the screen and let you adjust font size, scroll rate, etc.

    For some reason it freezes up on the Pro and they still haven't fixed it.
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    I've used pRSS reader then switched to Ilium Newsbreak then Google Reader and now I am trying out BeyondPod [I read less and listen more and BeyondPod has great enclosure support / scheduling]
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