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    Is anyone in DFW experiencing problems with their Data connection?

    My 800 has been rock solid since day one, and all of a sudden I started getting frequent random disconnects yesterday morning. It has progressively gotten worse, and now it will only connect to 1x for about 20 seconds, and then drop. Connection is constantly flipping from EV to 1xRtt, connecting, disconnecting, failing to connect, etc. I tried a hard reset, no fix. Called sprint, reprovisioned by data services, fixed it for about 20 minutes, now back to the same.
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    Just found out a co-worker of mine with a Touch Pro on sprint is having the same issues. Anyone else experiencing Data issues?
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    I'm not in my neck of the woods. Its possible that the issue is isolated in your area only. I would call Sprint to see if there is a known problem in your area.
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    Sprint says they have no idea whats going on. I've had techinicians look at my phone who verified all is acting as it should, and the network guys said there are no known problems.
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    I am on my second 800. My first one died, but its connection was pretty solid. The new one needs constant soft resets to get a data connection. My wi-fi doesn't work well, either. I thought it was a program causing, but have taken nearly everything off my phone. I posted a similar topic about a month ago.
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    Well Sprint put it on the bench and it passed all the tests. They ordered me a replacement to test that, we shall see.
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    Ok, I did a hard reset on my phone. Next, I reprogammed its radio (with help from tech support). Still, my phone's data connection stinks. After about an hour of connectivity, the phone refuses to connect to data connection. Sometimes, powering off and on will fix the problem. A soft reset works most of the time. It is a pain, though. I feel like I have to do a soft reset or power on and off to check mail each time. I am really done with this phone.
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    Well sprint finally solved by 800 issues. After having my original from launch, and the refurb replacement giving me the same problems, they swapped me out for a touch pro for $50. Touch Pro has been rock solid and I'm mega impressed so far.

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