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    I am clearing out some used storage memory on my Treo 750, and found that "\Windows\System\DumpFiles" is taking up about 1MB of space, according to SK Tools.

    I am assuming that the files in the above folder & its subfolders are just memory dumps from when the device has crashed in the past. All files in the subfolders of the above folder are dated 4/29/08 or prior.

    Can anyone confirm that it is ok to delete these files?


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    I found that is fine to delete these files... they get created when a buggy WinMo application crashes.
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    You sure are finding lots of stuff. Thanks, now I have to check my 750 as well.
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    It is the Storage Analyzer tool in the SK Tools app that is finding this stuff for me... I am just doing the further "sleuthing" on what it tells me to figure out what can be deleted to free up memory. It is not a perfect tool, but it is pretty valuable tool right now.
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    I am finding that it seems to be mostly applications that are eating up main memory storage space (except for the dump files, which are windows related).

    For example, a big one is Google Maps Mobile... people need to make sure they have the latest 3.x version & install it on the storage card... the 2.x versions left a lot of stuff in main memory.

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