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    Just a heads up. I installed the My Phone beta from Microsoft on my new Treo Pro and ran into an issue with my POP3 and IMAP email accounts not syncing. My Phone provides over the air syncing of contacts, calendar, tasks, photos, music, etc. (even from a stroage card), all of which are accessible via a web page. I installed a couple of nights ago and synced without a problem. I noticed yesterday morning that it tried to sync again overnight but the sync failed as the server wasn't accessible, and I wasn't getting any email from my two personal email accounts. I could receive the email by hitting "Send/Receive" manually but the automatic syncing schedule wasn't working. I also noticed that my data connection was always active, even after setting the My Phone syncing to manual.

    I tried to play around with the options to fix this, but ultimately uninstalling it was the only way to fix the email issue.
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    I installed it two days ago and haven't had any problems with email accounts not syncing. The problem I do have is that I can't sync any contacts, calendars or tasks. Under the options, it says " Contacts, Calendar, and tasks are synced with Exchange Server and cannot be synced with your My Phone account". Actually, the only thing that I'm syncing with my Exchange Server is my mail. I'm syncing my contacts, calendars and task to my local pc since I like to keep that stuff seperate. Also, I have a Treo 800w and it's not syncing any of my text mesages because it uses Palm's threaded message program and not Microsofts. Kinda sucks, because that's what I really wanted to back up. Guess I'll just keep waiting for the pre to alleviate these issues for me.

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