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    Hello, i have my treo 800w, but the call only save the call for one week, i don;'t have call from January. I used to have 700p it saved all the calls.

    My phone has SPB pocket plus and mobile shell, does this programs has something to do with the call logs.
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    I use those same programs and it works fine for me just keep track to see if the earlier msg's fall off as you get new ones
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    I am using PhoneLog, a freeware application available at - Freeware Pocket PC / Freeware Windows Mobile: PhoneLog v1.5. It inserts phone calls and text messages into the calender. The reason I use it is due to the limited storage time.
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    I have SPB Pocket Plus as well and have the same problem. You can dial any button on the qwerty pad and the press the back button. Wah La. Instant call log.

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