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    Last night before I went to bed my phone was almost dead. I plugged the charger in and went to bed. Woke up this morning and it was dead, but still plugged into the charger. No light on the LED to indicate if it was charging (red) or finished charging (green). I unplugged it and plugged it back in and nothing changed. I took the battery out and put it back in and still nothing. I then plugged it back in thinking it was completely dead for some reason. After about 30 seconds of being plugged into the charger the LED started a faint, fast, orange blinking and that's it. Phone won't turn on, won't wake-up... nothing! Thinking maybe it's my wall charger that was defective I went to my car and tried my car charger... Still nothing but the faint orange blinking. Phone seems to be dead.

    Anyone ever experienced this?

    ********************************* UPDATE!!! ***********************************

    Went to the Sprint service store today. First thing the girl behind the counter asked me was if I tried a different battery. Since I don't have an extra battery, I hadn't. So she grabs 3 batteries and tries each one and waits to see if the phone will boot up. Nothing happened. Then she puts MY battery back into the phone. Guess what? It boots up. She and I were both confused as to what was causing my phone to be locked the way it was. Also, the battery was fully charged, so it seems it was being charged even though I had no indicator light and the phone would not "wake up".

    So after that, I explain to her that I was going to be coming in this week because I've been experiencing the same problems I was having over 3 weeks ago (see this thread: ). This time I saved EVERY text that took longer than 5 minutes for me to receive. It shows the sent and received timestamps. I had over a week's worth of saved texts, multiple texts per day, some texts taking 5 minutes and some taking more than 7 hours for me to receive.

    So she takes my phone and says a tech will look at it but they're backlogged and it'll take a half hour before he can get to it. So I go eat and come back a half hour later. The tech comes out with my phone and tells me he can't explain what caused my phone to lock up for a day and a half. He said he updated my phone with a newly released PRL (????). So I asked him what happens if/when I start getting delayed texts again and how many times is it going to take for me to come in there with the problem and show them the evidence. I asked him about the texts that took over 7 hours. I was texting with a friend at around 10pm one night then went to bed. When I woke up at 4:30 for work and checked my email thru the phone I then received 7 texts back to back from my friend that he sent to me at the same time we were talking at 10pm the night before. I said to him that it seems like something in the phone (the radio maybe) is locking up and not sending or receiving data. Sometimes this will happen with my email too. I'll look at my phone in the morning and have no emails, but as soon as I connect to the WWW or hit "send/receive" in the email program and the radio connects for data, then I get all the emails that were sent to me overnight.

    So he takes my phone in the back and comes back a few minutes later and says they ordered a new phone for me.

    So, we'll see what happens with the new phone.

    I'll keep you posted.

    ************************************* 2nd Update **************************************

    Received my replacement 800w yesterday. When I walked in to get it, the associates informed me that Sprint put out a memo yesterday about delays in texts and phone calls. I was told the problem had been going on for 3 days. I explained and showed them the receipt from the last time I was there 4 weeks ago complaining of the same exact issues, so my issues were not likely related to the issue mentioned in Sprint's memo.

    After having the phone for 24 hours, it's been going good so far. I did have to do one soft reset this morning when it locked up while I was using the default IM program.

    The associate was having difficulties getting the phone to accept and reset when she was programming my phone number information into it. It took her 3 or 4 tries and she was about to give up, order a new phone and give me my old phone back but on the last time, it finally reset and accepted the programming.

    All in all the service was very good. The people at the repair and service center have always been very helpful. Unfortunately, the idiots at the retail center down the street haven't been the same.
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    The 800 is infamous for having a hard time recharging after running the battery dead. It happened to me on day 1.

    Did you install the Palm recharging patch .CAB? If not when you can get your phone up and running do it.

    Keep trying to get it to recharge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VibrantRedGT View Post
    The 800 is infamous for having a hard time recharging after running the battery dead. It happened to me on day 1.

    Did you install the Palm recharging patch .CAB? If not when you can get your phone up and running do it.

    Keep trying to get it to recharge.
    Yes. I installed the CAB... I've had those issues before where it takes a while to boot up after running the battery down completely. Don't think it's coming back up this time...
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    Tell us your experience taking it back to Sprint store.

    I got another refurb phone the next day.
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    You might get them to give you a new charged battery, then run it down and see if you still have that problem. If so, I would guess it's the device. If not, it is your battery.
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    Both my old 800w and new one have that issue. It's just a matter of replacing the charger when the faint light stops until you get a solid red light. If that doesn't work, yeah, your device is probably dead.
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    See my original post for the update....
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    Received replacement phone. See my first post for the latest update.

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