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    I've noticed that at least 5 of my contacts that are in my Outlook address book are not syncing over to my WM Treo. I never had this problem with my Treo 755p when I used the EAS option.

    I've scanned and fixed all errors on the OST and made sure that these changes were synced with my company's Exchange server but they are still missing from my phone!

    It is driving me batsh1t crazy and I cannot afford to have contacts missing from my phone. Any ideas out there? I may break out my Palm again if I cannot solve this mystery.
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    You said that you made sure that all changes between Outlook and Exchange were synced but how did you verify it? You should login to OWA and check and confirm there to ensure that they are indeed present on the Exchange server.
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    When I first started using EAS with Windows Mobile I had about 4 contacts that just wouldn't sync. I re-created them using the web client and then they worked; you might just try completely re-entering one of them from scratch and see if it works.
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    I'm not posting this to change the subject to my 750 issue. I'm just posting because I have something somewhat similar.
    I never bothered to try and figure it out.

    All my contacts are in OWA, Desktop Outlook, and my Gsm Treo Pro. And all sync.
    I just have never been able to get all my contacts to show up on my 750.

    The only reason I mention is; I wonder if there's something similar with your 800 that its not showing all.

    May or maynot be in anyway related, I just thought it was a similar experience.
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    I also had that problem with the 800. I believe Ebag tried helping me with it. Mine went a little further. The 800 also would not sync with Outlook. In the end Ebag determined a virus on Exchange. I never did try the troubleshooting to confirm. I gave up on the 800 and switched to the Touch Pro. None of these issues carried over to the Touch Pro.
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