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    so ive managed to have my treo 750 for 2 years and not drop it or scratch it once. I had it on my lap and got out of my car and boom it goes on the pavement. By some miracle I still had no scratched or scuffs. Then I get a call and its just vibrating thinking that no problem I might just have it switched to vibrate. But no now whenever someone calls I get no audio. No text message or email tones. I take the battery out and power it on and it works but then goes back to no audio again. Has anyone had this happen to them? Any help?
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    Try plugging the HeadPhones in and out a few times.

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    Someone else did a Hard Reset and it fixed it for them:
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    If you have no speaker output, but the headphone works, I have the same issue. I tried plugging the headphone in multiple times (one solution posted on the web). I also probed the depths of the headphone jack with a toothpick, all to no avail. I got a new 750 from work. The old one is retired to duty at home as a PDA and ipod. I take it to the gym with a 2BG card loaded with music, and I don't care if someone steals it. I put a spectec wifi card in it and I can surf the web sitting in my barca-lounger. Speaker has never come back and I have reflashed it from WM5.0 to 6.0 to 6.1 and 6.5 and done many many hard resets (I feel like I can take risks with this one since work never asked for the "dead" 750 back and it is obviously off their radar if I brick it). I can still insert a live sim card and it works, but only vibrate tells me if I have a call...

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