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    Recently my 800 has randomly and sporadically stopped charging. There is no method to the madness- it can happen anytime, any battery level on any charger.

    Eventually if it sits on the charger long enough- charging will re-engage. But then will eventually drop out again. Inplugging it and putting it back on the charger will re engage, but does not "fix" the problem.

    My treo was running a little flakey recently and I thought this was some kind of software glitch/conflict. However, hard reset today and the issue continues.

    Thoughts? Anyone else?
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    The last two 800's that I had did the same thing. I applied the Palm patch but after a while it started doing the same thing. Turns out the usb connector keep getting loose on me. I was always plugging it in and out throughout the day and I belive that's what was causing the issue. This is my 3rd 800 and now I hardly do that anymore and I don't have any more issues. It was really sporadic when it was happening and hard to duplicate but Sprint Repair said it was the connector and ended up replacing my device twice.
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    I had to replace my first 800w because the charging port got loose and stopped working. Sounds like it's the hardware and you should get it replaced.

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