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    Anyone that's looked at the Sprint TP rom: Have you seen software components that would be enabling the AFLT location for 3rd party apps? There are a number of sprint users with phones (touch pro, diamond, etc) that have their AFLT software blocked by sprint, but we all know it's enabled on the Treo Pro. Any ideas? Maybe it's part of the radio? Maybe it's something run on initial customization? There would be a lot of very happy people if we could get AFLT unlocked on these other phones.

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    Just check it in QPST.
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    It's already enabled in the gpsOne tap of QPST. The phones come ready to do AFLT... it's just they only do it through Sprint's Family Locator. They're doing something on the phone to block the data to third party apps. But whatever it is, it's not on the Treo Pro

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