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    Anyone ever heard of a Treo refusing to hard reset?

    I received a replacement Treo for one whose ringer switch had broken. I can not get to the screen that asks if I want to erease all data. When I follow the hard reset procedure, I just get a blue screen with white blocks down the side.

    Any thoughts?
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    I had that happen to my Treo. Sprint had to replace it. Supposedly bad hardware or firmware, according the Palm Support Tech I spoke to prior to returning it.
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    Oh super. Thanks.
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    I had the same problem last week. The 800w would hard reset just fine in the past and one day, the hard reset function stopped working.

    I have a replacement 800w now
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    I went to Sprint store today and they ordered me another. What a pain.
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    u should see if you can get a Pro as a replacement :-)
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    It's like pulling teeth just to get another 800, I don't see a Pro happening.
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    just got my replacement for the BSOWD (white dots) and the right soft key is jacked - replacement #2 on it's way.
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    Well i joined u all in the land of white dots.....went to sprint store/repair a decent guy who was "floored" by my issue.

    Came back 15min later with a box with a BRAND NEW 800 and he handed me the stylus and battery too.

    Of course my company has a policy not allowing in store repairs but i just played dumb...easy for me to do.

    Now i have 2 batts 2 chargers 2 styluses 2 sync cables. Im good now.

    Look on the guys face when he saw over 1500 lines of service was interesting.
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    I finally got another refurb. Seems to be OK . . . for now.

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