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    I have been a long time palm user. But it time to move on So I have some questions. Did palm get the problem with the sound volume fix.I was told that it would reset it self after a call. Also does voice dialing with bluetooth work. Plus does bluetooth work right. If you had a palm in the past you know why i am asking. If the 800 is not right I guess I will have to get a blackberry sense I need something that will exchange service I will take all the help I can get.

    Michael D. White
    Treo 680 On ATT
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    There are two improvements for the sound volume/quality.

    Voice dialing over bluetooth works, with a patch:

    Bluetooth works extremely well.

    The 800w is the best CDMA Treo yet released.
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    Consider the soon to be released Sprint Treo Pro. The 800w is nearing EOL.

    There have been more complaints about call quality on the 800w than the GSM version of the Treo Pro. So the hope is that the Sprint version of the Treo Pro has similar. Your other concerns may be better addressed in the Treo Pro too. It does BT calling out the box in the GSM version. The 800w has some BT call volume issues. (Not an issue with the GSM Treo Pro.)

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