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    Are there any other bluetooth syncing software out there for the 800W ? I've tried the one by JetWare but they seem to have stopped development and now only 2 contacts will synch

    What I liked about JetWare is the ability to filter which contacts go to the car by using a category on the contacts. Without this ALL contacts are synced, and due to the large number of contacts I have, I only get into the F's I just don't understand how come the 800W doesn't allow of filtering of which contacts to send to your car.

    So, if anyone can recommend any other software to achieve this I'd appreciate it
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    I know for the BT donger I use to use a software called Bluesoleil.

    Thats for PC.
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    Errrr, what's BT Donger ? Not familiar with that. Sorry.
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    I think donger = dongle.

    As for applying catergories to your contacts, it certainly can be done. On the phone it has to be one at a time, but if you sync to Outlook on your computer, you can basically highlight a bunch of them and then apply a category all at once.

    Individually on the phone, open a contact then Menu > Edit. Scroll down to about the middle of all of the options and Categories is an option. Tap the field and you will get the four default choices with checkboxes (you can apply multiple categories if you want): Business, Holiday, Personal, and Seasonal. If you want to create a new category, tap New.
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    Thanks. I do realise that you can assign categories to contacts, and indeed I've done this. What JetWare did, was based upon the category it would determine which contacts to sync to the car. This was good for cutting down on the number of contacts to sync to the car, which for me is important as I have too many contacts in the phone to sync the entire list to the car.

    So far I am not aware of a similar program like JetWare, which kind of surprises me
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    Oh well, I don't have to worry about syncing with my car since it's a '96.
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    Anybody ?

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