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    Regardless , getting 6.5 on a 2 inch screen might have issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    But Sprint has upgraded the Moto Q9c, Mogul and Touch to WM6.1 from WM6.

    WM6.5 is about the same level of upgrade as WM6.0 --> WM6.1

    Still, considering the final version won't be on hardware till the end of the year, that's a long time aways. Sprint will have the Touch Pro 2, Diamond 2 (both getting a WM6.5 upgrade) and a few other new WM devices by then.

    Think 9 month hardware cycles and that's your upgrade.

    no one currently knows the hardware requirements for WM6.5, but I bet the 800w could handle it technically. They build WM around the idea of a 240mhz processor.

    You brang up other devices (your quote above) but I guess nobody else is allowed.

    I bet WM 6.5 shows up on it someday. Ebag or someone else will figure it out. I have 6.1 on my 700wx. They all said it would never make it onto that device either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VibrantRedGT View Post
    You brang up other devices (your quote above) but I guess nobody else is allowed.
    Quote Originally Posted by darnell View Post
    I find it interesting how you mention to stay on topic, when you brought other devices into this. You bring them up, then speak of staying on topic once a response is given that may differ with your opinion. It seems everything is fair game until opinions differ. Then the "let's stay on topic" flag is tossed.
    What opinions are these Darnell? There is one topic in this thread:is the 800w technically capable of running WM6.5, and if so, if there would be an upgrade for this phone? .

    Answers are probably can and no. So where are these differing opinions?

    In bringing up the processor discussion, it was to suggest that all specs are not the same, regardless of what the guidelines by MS state. Why that forces you to write this is beyond me:
    Quote Originally Posted by darnell View Post
    The Sprint Treo Pro's processor is the same as the Sprint Touch Pro's, which tops the charts in CPU benchmark testing. (The "Palm Treo Pro" results in that link are from the GSM version, which runs at a lower clock speed.)

    (Perhaps some people with the authorized Sprint Treo Pro can comment on how snappy they feel it is in comparison with the 800w.)
    What has that to do with anything? The answer to your questions has no bearing on the topic. It's called "context". Just because someone uses a word or name doesn't mean it is now a free-for-all to discuss everything on that topic that you so desire.

    What, you disagree with my processor example and so you want to derail the thread to debate that irrelevant issue instead? But since you don't have an 800w or Treo Pro, you can't even directly debate that topic, so you need others to do your work for you. Very helpful.
    Quote Originally Posted by darnell View Post
    Not everyone knows about customized ROMs, but if any do come for the Treo 800w, if one were made with WM 6.5 the fact the 800w does not meet minimum specs may be an issue.
    Who are you trying to convince that this is on topic, me or you? Because that is a huge stretch. Why didn't you actually say anything like that in your original post. Because all you said was:
    Quote Originally Posted by darnell View Post
    The Touch Pro/Diamond already has WM 6.5 via customized ROMs. Not the "official" route, but it's available.
    Nothing in that statement (or post) about the 800w, problems with customs ROMs or even teaching us about them. That comes across more as a boast than a lesson.
    Quote Originally Posted by gbp View Post
    Regardless , getting 6.5 on a 2 inch screen might have issues.
    I'm not sure what device you are referencing, but the 800w has a 2.5 inch screen. Going further, I'm not sure what that has to do with WM6.5?

    WM6.5 has been ported to the Treo 750 and though still and early build, runs as it should. So it can run on a 2.5 inch screen and on a 300mhz processor (in fact, it's reported as "damn fast"), which speaks against Darnell's "concerns" above--because processor speed is device relevant, not an absolute. That's why WM6.5 probably can run on the 800w with no hardware requirement issues.
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    Way to keep things on topic Malatesta, not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darnell View Post
    Way to keep things on topic Malatesta, not.
    Right back at ya.

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    Just call me Berd.
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