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Does anyone know of a reason it would be trying to connect to the internet, if it only needs the network time?
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2) By default the 800w is setup only as aGPS. Assisted GPS means that it downloads the ephemeris data from Sprint's servers.

Even if you don't have internet it still creates a data connection because it has to download that data from Sprint (via IP). With the QPST tweak you can disable aGPS if you so desired, though you shouldn't have any problem using it.

If you blocked data (by having Sprint add the block to your account), then aGPS won't work, and thus the 800w's GPS won't work. (Just like PictureMail/MMS won't work even if you have PictureMail on your account, because it requires a data connection.)

Do the QPST tweak, enable cached and autonomous modes, and you should be able to use GPS.