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    I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this yet, but.....

    As you know, Skype for WM is nice but won't route calls thru the earpiece on the Treo. Well, in search for a way to listen to MP3s thru my Blueant Z9i I was directed by gfunkmagic to a proggy called BTaudio which routes ALL sounds thru the Bluetooth earpiece. Very nice. Anyhow, on a whim I tried activating it and then logging into Skype and made a phone call. Well, best I can tell not only is the sound coming from the Z9i earpiece, but the mic on the Z9i is also picking up my voice and sending it to Skype.

    So, now I have a fully functioning Skype on my Treo, not just a partially working thing for in a pinch. Well, sorta. Skype call quality is still not the best, seems to be a delay, but it does work.

    Anyhow, if you wanna try it for yourself here's the link:
    Triangle Powers Software
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    I see it routes audio through the bluetooth.. BUT does it route the MICROPHONE back to the phone? IE is it using the microphone from the phone or earpiece??
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    I set the phone face down on my truck and walked about 20 feet away, facing the other direction, speaking normal tone of voice, and was heard loud and clear. That tells me it is using the Bluetooth earpiece mic.
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    Just another recommendation - free, no gui, just run to toggle..couldn't be simpler. And yes, mic on bluetooth headset works.

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    I just tried this free ACB toogle and I can say it works great. The only thing I noticed is that it seemed to slow down the 800W a little. Is that normal??

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