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    In the past, I have gone through the necessary pain of moving the Google Maps executable to the storage card and updating the shortcuts. I had to do this to save on Storage Memory, since the app is a pig on Storage Memory, and the installer would not put the app on the card. (Functionally, though, it is an outstanding app.)

    However, with the last update (v that I installed on my phone, I could not move the executable to the storage card. The app kept crashing on me when I moved it manually to the storage card. So, I currently have it in main memory, and I am putting up with the Storage Memory Low messages as a consequence. This is a big pain for me.

    Now I see that there is another Google Maps update (v 3.0) with the new Latitude feature.

    I would like to install this update, but I want to work out how to get this app onto my storage card so that it actually works from there. In the future, it would be great if I could just use a utility to do the move, but I am not aware of a simple utility to do this.

    Any ideas?


    PS - I have a number of utilities and I am fine with doing registry edits if need be.
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    It is installed on my card and runs fine (Touch Pro).
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    Which version are you running on your card?

    Maybe they fixed it so that it will install properly on a card in the newest version?
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    Hey, I just went ahead and installed the 3.0 version of Google Maps Mobile and it installed on the card without a hitch... Woohoo! Thanks for fixing it, Google!

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