Cricket wireless--ported numbers from sprint, flashed Treos 650p and 700wx

I switched from sprint to cricket in December. I was told that my 650p would be able to do everything, voice, txt, and internet. They did tell me that the 700wx would do voice, but they could not guarantee anything else. So the phones were flashed and voice works fine. I did not sign up for data because I ended up getting a broadband wireless card. So the strange thing is that my txting does not work 100%. I can txt people with verizon service and that's it. I cannot receive or send txt to people with sprint or AT&T. After researching this problem I think the Cricket store messed up flashing my phones. The problem is I don't really trust they have the technical expertise to fix my problem. I have called Cricket wireless support and all they do is reset my txting accounts. Is there anything I can do to correct this problem on my own? I can buy the USB serial cable and I am a system administrator so I am confident I can redo a flash. I just need some assistance moving forward.

Thanks in advance.