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    I am looking for a horizontal leather case. I had the Smartphone Experts case for my Treo 750 and loved it. I see that Smartphone Experts is also make one for the Treo Pro.

    So here's the question.

    I currently have a Seidio Innocase on the phone and would like a horizontal leather case that I can use without taking off the Innocase first. I was thinking of just buying another Smartphone Experts case for the 750 and using it with the TP since I know it's a little wider.

    Does anyone know if the Smartphone Experts case that it designed for the Pro work with the Innocase?

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    I decided to go ahead and get the Smartphone Experts horizontal case to try with the Innocase. It was pretty tight at first, but seems to be loosening up nicely. I think it'll be perfect in another week or so.

    Just an FYI

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