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    Of course they do void warranty. they also involve going to torrents or elsewhere and illegally downloading software that end users are not authorized to use, and whcih can brick the phone.
    Take a hot pin to the earpiece. That's my favorite thread ever. Hysterical.
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    I moved from the 700wx to the 800w, and am very pleased. It does take a bit to get used to - for instance, I still find myself hitting the calendar key instead of the windows key. The 320x320 makes a huge difference in text readability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post
    now $99 dollars for the 800w is an awesome price. end of life or not.
    That is a great price for a pda/cell phone. I wanted the 800w to work for me but after owning the phone 4x I just couldn't deal with missing calls and crappy sound quality. I'm not trying to bad mouth the device but speaking from my experience. I will admit I'm picky and there are a fair share of happy 800w users but if $ is not a bid deal wait for the Treo Pro.
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    Ahh.. here we go again with the same folks rehashing the same 800w sucks/800w rocks topic. Enough already.

    I say if you're not directly contributing to the opening posters question, move along.
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    As this thread is going nowhere, I am closing it.
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