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    The messaging app on my Treo Pro takes around 30 seconds to open one of its accounts or switch from one to another. Is this normal? I know Windows Mobile isn't as snappy as PalmOS but the speed seems quite poor to me.
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    No it's not normal.
    Is this the GTP (GSM Treo Pro)?

    How long have you had this issue?
    Did you happen to do a Sprite Backup recently?
    Sprite makes Hard Resets a less burdensome task.

    I haven't had any problems.
    Maybe someone else knows a solution.
    Just call me Berd.
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    It is a GSM one. I don't mind nuking the emails, they're all in imap folders, and SMS messages but do not know which files to delete.
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    No problems here. Have you tried doing a hard reset as berd suggested?
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    Doing a backup without restoring the messaging data worked. Not sure how it got corrupt in the first place. I have also found that leaving the messaging app running, rather than closing it when I'm done, speeds things up no end.

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