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    So, I finally got everything working...RealVGA, htc home and some random themes here and there. Then my directional pad starts getting weird down went right, up went left, so basically it was controlling the phone in landscape mode as if you turned it to the side and the screen was on the left.
    Well, so I tried to figure out the problem uninstalled one thing at a time, nothing. So, I did a hard reset and installed each app/plugin one at a time. Everything was fine until I messed with the today screen menu what apps shows up and what doesn't. Then it started doing the same thing again. I was so excited when I finally got the setup I liked, but now this. Anyone ever had this problem before or knows how to fix it please please please let me know.

    Sorry for the long rant, but thanks in advance.
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    same problem i have realvga installed a quite few other apps but not htc home plugin and my directional pad is doing the same thing... you ever find a fix?
    *found thanks....


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