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    On my previous 700wx, I used Documents to Go as the built in Excel and Word would horribly muck up my files.

    Does the Mobile Excel/Word have any problems handling native 02/03 Desktop Excel/Word files, or can I just ditch Documents To Go altogether?
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    DTG works with Word documents and Excel files. The real problem it has: does not show the entire characters in the formula line - that is, it shows about 80% or so of the characters that are displayed in the formula line.

    In this release on the 800W, the num locks stays locked. To advance to another cell you must go up or down, not sideways.

    DTG handles sub-folders, Pocket Word/Excel does not handle sub-folders - you just gotta make sure the files are in a folder the same level as MyDocuments - if a sub folder then you cannot get to them from within the Pocket Word/Excel application.

    So, I have not experienced any mess ups. What I do though is this: I like having 2 Excel files open at the same time. I keep open a file that I do not update very often open in DTG Sheet and the file I am working with (updating more often) in Pocket Excel. Handy!

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