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    I have tried to use YouTube with a lot of different methods and I have yet to find on ethat works for me. I had success using CorePlayer, but for some reason it started saying it was unavailable or something to that extent.
    I have NR's V1.3 ROM flashed on my Verizon Treo 700wx and I was wandering if someone had a way to watch the YouTube videos from in the browser, I don't really care what Media Player I have to use as long as it pops straight up and is easy use once installed. And it would be nice if I could get Orb to work as well, the TV streaming specifically.
    Please let me know how to get this working, and if someone knows what version of IE this ROM has let me know as well.
    I am new to Palm, just got it yesterday, so I am somewhat of a newbie to this.
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    Use Skyfire as your browser. It will play YouTube videos and other similar embedded media
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