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    OK longtime away from ppc's but I love this treo 700wx!

    Is there a way I can add a program to the startup but have it minimized?

    I am trying to force my pocket informant to open but reside in the background/tray like it does when you minimize it.
    Apparently WM 6 does not read .bat files so batching it will not work.
    Any body got a quick fix for me?
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    36 views and not a single suggestion?
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    This looks promising...

    www asp
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    that just enables/disables stuff that is already there. been there tryed that.

    Thanks for the info though.

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    Well, what about simply putting it is Startup and see what happens. You could try changing the order in Startup.

    The idea being that if it is not the last thing to start then the next thing will take over and it will end up minimized.

    Other than that, I am not sure it is possible if the program itself is not coded to be allowed to startup minimized (or minimize after starting) as an option.
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    Create a short cut to the application and then save that short cut in the startup folder. This may add a few moments to the boot process.
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    I did the shortcut thing, it does not open minimized like i want.

    Not a biggie just thought I would pick you brains on this.
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    Add your exe or bat file to the \windows\startup folder, then go to that file's properties, and add -Startup just outside of the quotes that contain the location of the file...for example:

    "\Program Files\Extensis\Suitcase\Suitcase.exe" -Startup

    I am needing to do this as well for a helper app, and know this works with XP, and hope it works with WM...

    good luck!

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