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    I was hoping these assumed issues would be understood as just that. Premature assumptions.

    Let's see if we can move forward without getting all excited about something that may or maynot be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by entropism View Post
    Just reiterating what others have said:

    Best Buy wasn't supposed to sell these until (originally) after 1/25, then around 1/20 it was pushed back to 2/15. Best Buy ignored the intermal memos and sold them anyways, either on purpose (doubtful) or mistake (most likely). You can't blame the devices for being buggy when they were never supposed to be sold. The only people who SHOULD have the Treo Pros are the store advocates, who were told not to even show them to customers.

    Side note, I think I have to give mine back, not too sure yet. I'm transferring stores, and my Pro might have to stay with my store. If that happens, I'm going to make a big case for me hopefully getting the Pre.
    Thank you.
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